Measures taken against provocations of the Armenian armed forces illegally stationed in the Garabagh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Baku: On September 19, Armenian armed forces stationed in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan resorted to a number of large-scale military provocations and terror attacks.

As a result of the explosion of landmines planted by Armenian reconnaissance-sabotage groups on the Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha road for the purpose of inflicting terror, civilians and servicemen of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were killed and wounded. Furthermore, units of Azerbaijan Army came under fire from mortars and small arms. As a result, two servicemen of the Azerbaijan Army were injured.

Fortification of the positions and units being brought to the high combat readiness level by the Armenian armed forces was detected by the units of the Azerbaijan Army.

Local counter-terrorism measures have been launched in the region to prevent possible large-scale provocations by the Armenian armed forces located in the Garabagh economic region and to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Trilateral Statement, as well as for the disarmament and withdrawal of units of the armed forces of Armenia from the territories of Azerbaijan, neutralization of their military infrastructure, and ensure the safety of peaceful population, civilian employees and military personnel involved in the restoration and construction work carried out in the area and to restore the constitutional system of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Within the measures taken, the positions of the formations of the armed forces of Armenia in the front lines and the rear areas, as well as long-term firing positions, and combat assets and military facilities are incapacitated using high-precision weapon systems.

The targets of the taken measures are exclusively illegal military formations and military infrastructure.

Azerbaijan does not target the civilian population. In this regard, it is necessary for the Armenian civilian population to stay away from military targets.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly stated that the continuation of the existence of units of the armed forces of Armenia in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan contrary to the provisions of the Trilateral Statement dated November 10, 2020, is a serious threat to regional peace and stability.

The only way to achieve peace and stability in the region is the unconditional and complete withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan and the dissolution of the puppet regime.

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